The DMIMS (DU) is committed to enhancing the contribution of research to health and
social care. Research is essential to the successful promotion and protection of health and
wellbeing, and also to modern, effective health and social care services. At the same time,
research can involve an element of risk, both in terms of return on investment and
sometimes for the safety and wellbeing of the research participants.
Proper governance of research is essential to ensure that the public can have confidence in,
and benefit from, quality research in health and social care. The public has a right to expect
high scientific, ethical and financial standards, transparent decision making processes, clear
allocation of responsibilities and robust monitoring arrangements.
The broad aim of research policy of the University is to ensure smooth governance and
promotion of research, but also safeguarding the wellbeing of research
participants/subjects. The Policy set out principles, requirements and standard. It defines
mechanism to deliver them and describe the monitoring and assessment arrangements. To
improve the research and safeguard of the public, policy clearly recommend for enhancing
ethical awareness and scientific quality, promoting good practices.
Research policy is for all those who design research studies, participate in the research, host
research in their organization / institutions, fund research proposal or infrastructure,
manage research and undertake research.

Research Cell Committee
S.No. Name Designation
Dr. S. Z. Quazi Prof. JNMC Convener
Dr. Neelam Mishra Prof & Pro-Vice Chancellor Member
Dr. Abhay Gaidhane Prof & Head Community Medicine Member
Dr. Mrs. Meenakshi Yeola Professor, JNMC Member
Dr. C. Mahakalkar Prof & CMS, AVBRH Member
Dr. Shourya Acharya Prof JNMC Member
7 Dr. Sunil Kumar Professor & Head, Gen. Medicine Member
8 Dr. Amar Taksande Professor, JNMC Member
9 Dr. Samarth Shukla Prof, JNMC Member
10 Dr. B. R. Singh Asst. Prof, JNMC Member Secretary
11 Dr. Shailesh Nagpure Asst Prof, JNMC Member
12 Dr. Amit Nagdive Asst Prof Member
13 Dr. Anuja Ikhar Reader, SPDC Member
14 Dr. Pavan Bajaj Lecturer, SPDC Member
15 Dr. Shri Hari Asst Prof, MGAC Member
16 Dr. Anita Wanjari Asso Prof, MGAC Member
17 Dr. Seema Singh Principal, SRMMCON Member
Contact Person
Dr. S. Z. Quazi
Convener Gender Equality Cell
DMIMS (Deemed to be University), Wardha
Mobile : 9765404065
Email :