Ravi Nair Physiotherapy College (RNPC)

Parent Teacher Association
  • To represent the views of parents
  • To inform parents of current changes in the education system, if need be
  • To work as a team in the best interest of each other.
  • To establish a forum through which parents can communicate their opinions and concerns regarding the medical college, to identify issues and possibly work towards a solution.
  • To establish a forum through which parents and teachers can exchange information and research in relation to education/welfare of students.

Contact Us

    Contact No. : (07152) - 287701, 287702, 287703, 287704, 287705, 287706. EXT- 338
    Location : Sawangi (Meghe), Wardha- 442004, Maharashtra, India.
    Email: info@dmimsu.edu.in