The students often find themselves in situations where they are at loss to understand how to cope up with the situation in which they are confronted with problems, difficulties and grievances'. In such situations, they require some person' more mature and senior, or somebody in authority who will be able to provide desired help and guidance or a platform where they can approach with their problems and find the solutions' This is essential as prompt redressal of grievances provide desired succor to the aggrieved students.

To appropriately address this felt need of the students DMIMS(DU) has established a three tier Grievance Redressal Mechanism  as forth with.
Tier-l - HOD of concerned Department
Tier -ll - Institutional Grievance Redressal committee
Tier- lll - Grievance Redressal committee of the University

Level-l : HOD/Conveners:
The Head of the department is the first tier or level -l of the Grievance Redressal
Mechanism for the students. The students can approach him with the grievances related to the subject/department concerned. He can effectively address to grievances of the students in relation to:.
- Attendance record and calculation of attendance,
- Unsatisfactory evaluation in formative examinations.
- Problems and difficulties regarding the subject concerneo.
- Use of L.R.M.
- Any other grievance of similar narure.

The Heads of Departments shall encourage the students to approach him/her and solve the grievances appropriately. He will refer the issues which require intervention at the higher level and keep the record of redressal or referral of the grievances brought to his/her notice.

Level II- Institutional Grievance Redressal Committee
Every constituent college have a Lever-II committee headed by the Dean/principal of
the college. Two remaining members are nominated by him/her.  The committee shall
entertain grievances referred to it by HoDs or brought for redressal directly.
The rievances that shat be entertained at this level include:
- Re-examination for those who could not appear for the formative examination due
to genuine reasons.
- Modifications in the time-table to suit the needs of the students.
- Request for change of batches for practicals/clinicals'

Level III- Grievance Redressal Committee of the University

Datta Meghe Institute of Medical sciences (Deemed University) has an apex body for
looking into the grievances of the students. It shail entertain all such grievances brought for its consideration either directly or referred by Institutional committees. The grievances should be supported by the documents wherever required. It shail have jurisdiction over all kinds of students grievances and its decision shall be final and binding.

The students, with their grievances, may first approach the concerned HoD  who will try to address them or refer the matter to Institutionar committee for further action. lt will
dispose off the cases on merit with or without asking for documentary evidence, as the case may be. lt will refer to the higher forum the cases which are beyond its purview.

The University level committee shall entertain all such cases which are either referred or those coming directly to it. It shall also entertain the students who are aggrieved of the decision of the lower committee.


Grievance Redressal Cell Committee
S.No. Name Designation
Dr. Babaji Ghewade Professor, JNMC Convener
Dr. Rajiv Borle Hon. Vice-Chancellor, DMIMS(DU) Chairman
Dr. Abhay Mudey Dean, JNMC Member
Dr. Shyam Bhutada Dean, MGACH&RC Member

Dr. Minal Chaudhary

Controller of Examinations, DMIMS (DU) Member
Dr. Sunita Shrivastava Dean, Examinations, DMIMS (DU) Member
Prof. Sr. Tessy Sebastian Director, Nursing Member
Dr. Mrs. Pratibha Dawande Convener, Women's Cell Member
Contact Person
Dr. Babaji Ghewade
Convener Grievance Redressal Cell
DMIMS (Deemed to be University), Wardha
Mobile : 9822342770
Email :